You’ve Been Here Before Alice – Don’t You Remember?

I just saw Alice in Wonderland, in 3-d Imax and all its glory.  I liked it a lot.   I was grateful it was not the same old story.  My daughter liked it, my wife liked it, my 18 and 20 year old sons thought it stunk.   In fact they both laughed at us and couldn’t believe we thought it was good at all.I wondered, if when I was their age, would I have had the same review?…Has there been some kind of testosterone shift in me now that makes me a wimpy lover of girlie fantasies.  Hmmm. I do remember thinking along with many others that Lewis Carroll was on drugs back then, my tastes used to tend towards the less surreal side of fantasy, more towards sci-fi from the likes of Isaac Asimov. But taste changes..which is a good thing because as you get older you realize “history does repeat itself – only in different ways” as someone once said to me.  I now understand what that means.

Almost twenty years ago today, the iPad came out – not the iPad, they called it something else back then Alice. Not “Tablet”.  What was it?  “Pen Computer”, no can’t use the acronym…”PC” already taken.  Nomadic device?, yuck.  Handheld?  Boring.  Palmtop? Ugh.  PDA that’s it! no…that’s what “they” called it.  Aha! It was called the “Personal Communicator”!   Yep, PC for short…(ooops, hey I wasn’t asked to make these marketing decisions).

Anyway, we did have “Smart Phones” on the drawing board, but that was supposed to come after out iPad, er uh, I mean Personal Communicator.   We had it all bassackwards…

But we have been here before, its just twenty years later.

I just digged up this Ad for the EO Personal Communicator (the first one) and I remembered HATING IT when I first saw it.  I like it A LOT now…I think it captured everything we were trying to do at the Hobbit group in AT&T (yes, it was called informally the Hobbit group)…I guess I have changed.

How to appease a fat cat from a gondola. An introduction to the AT&T EO personal communicator (brochure)



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