Wanderbook – 2003

This is a continuance of my “Tablet” stories (pre iPad) when Tablet’s (phablets) were not all the rage.

I really do plan to, as promised in Wanderbuch to write about a company I co-founded with Therese Swan and my wife Kelly. However there is a law case pending that I don’t want to influence at all, so I need to hold off on most of this. I can say this became a Realtor targeted business in 2003, and Kelly and Therese became very successful Realtors!

I too went and passed the real estate boards exam, but never bothered to go farther of course. Anyway once Wanderbook became solely focused on Realtors, as wireless 3g expanded in urban areas, I began a trial to market Tablets and services to them. The response was pretty positive (among realtors)…here is one of the website ads (gives an idea of where my thinking was) of those days:

Wanderbook ad – 2003


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