Wishing Well – Brit n Yank Project

As I mentioned in my last post I’m Going to the ASCAP Expo, and will have some of the latest Brit n Yank songs to get feedback on. “Wishing Well” was entered into a song screening session, which will be reviewed Friday.

I wrote it rather quickly several months ago in my new beer garden ;-), showed it to Joe Jordan, and he helped me take it from a folksy feel, to a nice pop country feel.  Other than tweaking the last bit (rap) I think its mostly done and ready for mastering on the half-completed “Brit n Yank” album.

It’s about meeting Kelly a long time ago and the strange life-changing events that occurred the day before the night I met her.

As usual, Joe and I produced this with Logic Pro X.  Joe’s lead guitar really stands out, we plugged his Strat and my Tele into a new Amp plug-in  S-Gear for the first time, and got some nice sounds.  Rae Jordan on main vocal, as always outstandingly took my lyrics to a new level.

As always, play this in a topless car at the beach, and be careful, it is addicting,  you won’t be able to get the tune out of your head for quite awhile.

Wishing Well
Clayton Weimer 2015 ©
[Verse 1] I woke up one morning
With a knot in my head
Staring at the ceiling
Feeling some kind of dread
Things were getting boring
Change is ahead
– Was the day of the night I met you

[Verse 2] I walked out my door
Swearing going to work
I up’d and quit trying
To please a jerk
Sounds kind of funny
But it wasn’t a quirk
– Was the day of the night I met you

[Chorus] On the day, of the night, I fell
I dropped all my baggage
and a penny in a wishing well

[Bridge minor] Before that night fell, I wished that I
Could wipe the canvas clean
Before the night fell, I wished the
Moon and stars would paint a new scene

[Verse 3] I called my friends and loves
Told them I am through
Called my Mom to say
I’m going back to school
Sold my Telecaster, quit the band too
Was the day of the night I met you

[Solo verse] [Solo chorus] [Bridge minor] [Verse 4] I met you had a party
Out of my neighborhood
Your smile and kisses
Showed you understood
A long time ago but life is still good
– Since the day of the night I met you

2x [Chorus-Outro+Rap] On the day of the night I fell for you
I had a flipping hangover
Flipped a new leaf over
Tripped on a four leaf clover
Couldn’t fight it
Then faced over, a wishing well

The chords (in D, the key Rae sings in, I wrote/sing it in G):
verse     D Em    D  Asus  A   D      Em       C      D
chorus   D Asus A   Bm    G   D      Asus    A       D
Mid8      G Bm   A   D       G   Bm   A          A7


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